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Health concerns for me, mum and dad have meant a temporary slower pace of life, however visiting them is an optimal time to disengage and just be present without having to think too much about next steps. 👣

Slowing or pausing often causes my mind to overthink, yet as always, my soul knows everything is as it should be.

Attending a hospital clinic to support my dad - we were barely through the front doors before we both experienced a massive tidal wave of souls passing through our bodies as we stood for a few minutes. 🛡️✨ My dad in awe of the incredible sensation I’ve become familiar with. 🌍😇

The universe has an uncanny way of manoeuvering and placing me where I need to be. 😅

Both mum and dad are healing nicely now with aid and I’m awaiting a hospital scan appointment. 🫶

It is nice to spend a decent amount of time with my folks although I’m located in an energetically dense area right now. Recently, I have found myself fluctuating with the various inbound energies arriving on Earth. At times it’s felt wild, euphoric and my heart expansive and joyful, and other times I’ve felt a little defeated, unfocused + scattered as I transmute + recalibrate ready for whatever comes next in life. I purged right before the eclipse 🤮 but was gifted free flowers by a stranger afterwards. 😊🌼⚖️

Old chapters have definitely fully closed now and I’ve released more layers of what no longer serves my highest good and I’m (almost) ready for new. ✈️ This downtime means I’ve managed to find multiple lovely walks in nature around their home, purchase some new travel kit and enjoy the simple pleasures of being in the ‘every day’ with my folks.

I always receive guidance/messaging/signs when I unplug. Internally I’m now feeling determined and positive, wanting to surge forward, but being held … for now.

I am intending to head North to my old ‘home’ city of Newcastle upon Tyne next Friday for the weekend and I’m excited to return.

A lot has been happening for the global collective of lightworkers and awakening souls - we’re really doing this! 🕯️🫶 Keep holding the light, we’ve got this warriors. 🥰

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