Vegan clothing brand bringing unity and hope to a chaotic world

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17 DECEMBER 2020 – Roho Rafiki®, a Vegan and ethical clothing brand with a difference, has been launched with an aim to bring integrity, unity and hope to a chaotic world.

As well as sourcing organic materials for its apparel and shunning the use of any plastic and malpractice in its supply chain, Roho Rafiki® is a brand that will annually donate a percentage of business profit to environmental, humanitarian and animal protection projects and charities.

Founded by Stacey Wilkins, Roho Rafiki® is Swahili for ‘a friendly soul’ which was inspired by her own volunteering trip to East Africa in February 2020. With her travel plans cut short due to COVID19 restrictions, she returned to the UK and still inspired and determined to make a positive difference to humanity and the natural world, she created Roho Rafiki®.

The original and authentic clothing brand is non-political and non-discriminative and is intended to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnicity, political or sexual preference or any other social classification or label dividing humanity.

Stacey Wilkins, Founder of Roho Rafiki®, said: “I have been fortunate to have travelled to many countries however, during all of my trips, I have realised that we’re all divided into groups by race, religion, politics and wealth and that underneath these labels, we’re all just human beings doing our best.

“I have witnessed first-hand massive environmental and habitat destruction; pollution, greed and animal cruelty, but I’ve also seen so much kindness, positivity, generosity and happiness and I would like to this to be our future – our normal – to embrace our planet's diversity.

“Roho Rafiki® is about uniting to undo the damage we’ve done and are doing to our natural world and ourselves. Together, we can make positive change whilst protecting and respecting all life on our planet. I would like us to see each other beyond our prejudice and ego and work together to change, commit and take action to stop the destruction of our planet and make life healthier for us all. When we work collectively, we are infinitely more powerful.”


About Roho Rafiki®

Roho Rafiki® is an organic unity + hope, vegan clothing brand who will donate large percentages of business profit to environmental, humanitarian and animal protection projects and charities. Founded in the UK in 2020, the ethical company empowers + inspires people and organisations to protect and respect our natural world, embrace our diversity & enable collective, positive global change for a healthier future for us all. The white feather is a symbol of hope. To become part of something inspiring, find us on Instagram and at | @rohorafiki | #RafikiSoul |

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