A planet of no Apes

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We’ve just donated to the Born Free @bornfreefoundation “Apes on the Edge” appeal. 🦍

Born Free work around the world tirelessly to protect species, rescue individuals, stop suffering and save animal lives. Every year they rescue and care for thousands of animals across the globe.

They say, “our closest kin 🦍 are under pressure from deforestation, thousands of gorillas have been slaughtered. Unbelievably, the meat from these sensitive, deeply intelligent, gentle giants is considered a delicacy by the wealthy elite. Great apes are a mere step from extinction. Our closest relatives, who share over 98% of our DNA, are being eaten to death.

A century ago, millions of gorillas and other apes lived in Africa’s forests. Now they’re down to a few thousand. We log and mine their homes, replace forests with crops, shoot them for bushmeat and steal their babies. Yet apes play a vital role keeping forests healthy and our planet in balance.”

Today, on Earth Day 2022, they've launched a major new great ape conservation initiative, Guardians of Dja, working with local communities in the Dja Biosphere Reserve, Cameroon to recruit and train Great Ape Guardians.

These specially trained individuals will work together to protect the remaining 1,258 western lowland gorillas living in this part of the rainforest in the Congo basin, as well as chimpanzees, forest elephants, pangolins and the many more species found there.

The Dja initiative will also invest in the Cameroonian community, supporting sustainable agro-forestry as an alternative income to bushmeat, and creating education around human-wildlife interactions and the rainforest ecosystem.
All donations towards the Apes on the Edge Appeal today will not only help protect great apes, but support the Guardians of Dja initiative to conserve their natural habitat too.

Thank you for supporting Roho Rafiki®, enabling us to make donations to charities that help humanity and protect our natural world. In future, as we grow out of a start-up, we’d like to donate more.

Visit the bornfree.org.uk website to donate to them directly, please. 🙏

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