A visit to Animal Care in Egypt (ACE)

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Animal Care in Egypt is a charity dedicated to helping stop the suffering of thousands of animals in the poorest communities of Luxor, Egypt by providing free veterinary care and education.

Having heard about the work of ACE, Stacey decided to visit the centre to see the work they do for herself during her time in Luxor.

Stacey said, "Having witnessed many appauling working conditions animals have to endure in the World for tourism and mankind, I wanted to see for myself the work of this organisation. Although it was very distressing to witness the state of the animals in their care, it also reminded me that there are kind and compassionate people working tirelessly to try and end the suffering of these animals. A seemingly impossible task."

For over twenty years Animal Care Egypt has been helping local animals when they need it most. This is alongside preventative treatments and education, delivering a long term impact on the welfare of working animals and the people that depend on them so greatly for their livelihoods.

These hard working animals often lack the most basic veterinary care. Many are neglected or mistreated, not through malice, but due to lack of understanding or provisions.

There is a dedicated team of vets that treat and save the lives of thousands of animals all year round. There is a walk-in clinic, and a hospital that performs crucial surgeries and 25 stables that allow the animals to rest from their working lives where they can recover. They closely monitor them, and provide regular treatments and ensure their progress back to health.

They really need help and so any donations you can make will make a real difference to animals in their care. https://www.ace-egypt.org.uk/

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