Roho Rafiki® earns place on Project Cece's 'game changing' website!

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Roho Rafiki® is ecstatic to be recognised and included on Project Cece's ethical and sustainable clothing brands website!  They’re starting an ethical revolution with ‘virtual game changers’! ☺️

Project Cece care about the environment and the people who make our clothes, and so they thoroughly research and vet companies to ensure they meet their high quality standards before inclusion.

Why @rohorafiki made the grade...

• Roho Rafiki® uses high quality organic clothing which is chemical/toxin free, sourced responsibly, ethically and sustainably and is 100% vegan. 🌱

• There is zero plastic in the garments or packaging.

• Roho Rafiki® is a print on demand company, so there’s no surplus stock going to Earth polluting landfill.

• The high quality garments are produced to be long wearing and durable, not cheap and disposable fast fashion.

• The garments have not involved a sweat shop or improper working conditions. Instead, purchases help make the lives of people and communities, better. 🤝

• Every step of our supply chain is certified and accredited. ✅

• Roho Rafiki® is about unity-consciousness and is helping humanity respectfully coexist with all life on Earth.

• Profits are donated to humanitarian, animal or environmental causes. 🐘🌳🫏

See for further details.

Thank you Project Cece for selecting Roho Rafiki® to be a part of your community.

Together, we can change the world. 🌎🕊️🫶

As we grow and amplify the messaging, please follow @rohorafiki and @project_cece on Instagram. 🙏

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