Q&A with Roho Rafiki’s Founder & Director

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What inspired you to start Roho Rafiki®?

I quit my corporate marketing management role in January 2020 as I felt unfulfilled and I needed to shake life up a bit. 

I knew I wanted to do some environmental and humanitarian voluntary work in East Africa to make a difference somehow; and planned to make my way from Kenya to Botswana solo with a rucksack.

I did some teaching at the SOWETO Youth Initiative in a slum in Kenya which made me look at life through totally different eyes. The kindness, hospitality and the inclusivity, and unprejudiced behaviour of the children (and adults) in the slum, who literally have nothing, made a mentally tough couple of weeks, rewarding. It was incredible, inspiring and unforgettable.

I was only out in Africa for a month before COVID19 halted plans and I returned back to the U.K. I still had the desire to make the world a better place and so created Roho Rafiki®. About Roho Rafiki®

Are you religious?

No. Spiritual yes. I don't believe in categorising people into groups of any kind. We're all just souls having a human experience, with different lessons to learn. I had a spiritual awakening when I returned from Africa and have ascended swiftly. It's been tough but amazing to be on a spiritual path, helping others. After a lot of restlessness in life and rejection, I now know that it was all just training to be the person I am and live the life that I have.

What would you tell your younger self?

Everything is happening as it should. Trust that it is. Don’t worry too much about fitting in, you weren’t meant to, you needed to forge your own path. Everything you’re experiencing is shaping you to be the person you will become – with the life that you want - although you don’t know it!

Is the brand for spiritual people?

Not necessarily. Primarily it’s a brand of unity + hope for those who want to collectively change our future. It's to inspire and empower people. Some messaging may not resonate with all and that’s ok! All I would ask is that people stay open and embrace the inclusivity and positivity of the brand. We can change the future of our planet, together.

Why do you use ‘+’ in designs?

It’s a positive!

And the feather?

We use a white feather as it’s a universal symbol of hope. It symbolises the crown chakra, wisdom and connection as well as peace and hope, reminding us to stay strong, positive, optimistic and determined, no matter what.

What charities will Roho Rafiki support?

There’s an assumption that as the name is Swahili that the charities we support will only be African. This is not the case. Depending on how much we raise, we want to empower all kinds of groups who are contributing to helping the planet become healthier. A healthier planet, means a better quality of life for us all.   

Anything final you want to add?

Yes. All of us have the power to make a positive difference. Never think you’re too insignificant to have an impact. We all create ripple effects through our actions and interactions with others. Change starts with us taking responsibility.

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